What is Vital Wheat Gluten?
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Vital wheat gluten is gluten in powdered form with a high concentration of protein,which is obtained by extracting the gluten from wheat. Vital wheat gluten is widely used as a substitute for making a vegetarian meat substitute known as seitan.

The powdered form of wheat gluten (vital wheat gluten), is made by hydrating hard wheat flour to activate the gluten and then processing the hydrated mass to remove the starch, leaving only the gluten. The gluten is then dried and ground back into a powder.
Seitan may be made from vital wheat gluten or from hard wheat flour.. When seitan is made from vital wheat gluten, the powder is simply rehydrated to form the gluten and then cooked. Seitan produced from wheat flour is a longer process. First a dough is made by hydrating the flour, then the dough is kneaded under running water to remove the starch from the dough, leaving only the gluten. The gluten is then cut into pieces and cooked via steaming, boiling, frying, or other methods.

The most common usage of wheat gluten in western countries has traditionally been, and continues to be, in baked goods of various types.
In Pasta, meat and aquatic products, vital wheat gluten is used as water retention, texture stabilizer to keep moisture, elasticity and toughness.In Children’s health products, it used as nutrition supplements to enhance the nutrition.It is also widely used as stabilizer, flavor enhancer in pharmaceutical.