2016 Chinese Food Additives Industry Overview-2
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Food Colorants
In 2016,Food Additives market demand of caramel coloring products, one of the most important ingredients in colorant additive family, greatly declined due to the softness of food processing industry, therefore the colorant production decreased by 8% and sales value decreased 15% with prices drops of most natural colorants. Export amount of colorants increased 5.8% and total revenue was over 220 million U.S. dollars, or a 22% increase. Among all the colorants, caramel colorant production and sales dropped 10%, while natural and compound colorants were about the same as 2015. Capsanthin prices climbed a little and the inventories from recently three years were almost sold out, the sales margin had a small jump. The prices of lutein, which is extracted from marigold, were declined more than 10% caused by the marigold plantation’s outstanding expand during 2015 and 2016. Monascus red, monascus yellow and gardenia yellow had drops in production and sales prices for the reason of oversupply. Water-soluble anthocyani pigment, carotenoids capsules and lutein supplements had a fast grow in a healthy and sustainable way.

Nutrient supplements
Chinese nutrient supplements and related functional ingredients are in an upward and promising momentum recent years as the nutrient demand is in trend. Production and sales of nutrient supplements ingredients and compounds had a steady grow in 2016. China is a leading country in Vitamin C, E and D3 trades. Production and sales of amino acids like lysine, threonine and methionine had a vigorous increase. However, many companies started to expand their production so there was a sign of oversupply in the near future.

Thickeners, Emulsifiers and Quality Improvement Additives
Thickeners, emulsifiers and quality improvement additives had stable and steady growth in 2016, however, sales margin dropped because of higher costs or lower transaction prices. Total production amount of emulsifiers increased 2.5%, with the same range of prices. Monoglycerides had stable production and sales, and slightly lower sales margin. Sucrose ester and span also in a stable production and sales, but prices were in the low range. Baking powder’s situation was like year of 2015. Quality improvement compounds had a great lift in production and revenue. Some new ingredients like potatoes were used in thickeners, emulsifiers and quality improvement additives and it brought new opportunities to the industry.

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