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XinChem Corporation
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    ,  China

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    Food & Feed Additives;   Paint and Coatings;   Plastics & Rubber;   Dyes and Pigments;   Flavour & Fragrance;   Agrochemicals;   Organic Intermediates;   Organic Chemicals;   Inorganic Chemicals;   Daily Chemicals;   Catalyst and Auxiliary;   Adhesives;   Petrochemicals;   Others

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    contract manufacturer

  • Xinchem Corporation, a well-known custom synthesis & contract manufacturer of China,is committed to production of high-qualified intermediates,various of amino acid for pharmaceutical purposes and agriculture fine chemicals. With complete production facilities,Xinchem Corporation also has strong specialty in hazardous chemistry,whether kilograms or tons.Now Xinchem Corporation has established qualified quality control systems ,having passed ISO9001 quality system authentication, which promise to provide strong R&D, qualified QC and contract manufacturing services.

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