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Nile Chemicals
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  • Location:

    Mumbai,  India

  • Industry Category:

    Food & Feed Additives;   Paint and Coatings;   Plastics & Rubber;   Dyes and Pigments;   Flavour & Fragrance;   Agrochemicals;   Organic Intermediates;   Organic Chemicals;   Inorganic Chemicals;   Daily Chemicals;   Catalyst and Auxiliary;   Adhesives;   Others

  • Main Products:

    Phenol Red, Safranin,

  • Profile: Nile Chemicals is a supplier and distributor of fine chemicals, metals and materials. We produce pH indicators, chemical reagents and biological stains. Our product include cesium salts, hydrazine salts, direct dyes, acid dyes and solvents.

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    Nilesh Shah

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