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Jinan Yuxing Chemical Co, Ltd

Jinan Yuxing Chemical Co, Ltd

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Jinan Yuxing Chemical Co, Ltd
Jinan Yuxing Chemical Co, Ltd
  • Company Type:

    Manufacture / Factory;  

  • Date of Establishment:

  • Location:

    jinan,  China

  • Business Scope:

    Food & Feed Additives;   Paint and Coatings;   Water Treatment Chemicals;   Chemical Fiber;   Organic Intermediates;   Inorganic Chemicals;  

  • Main Products:

    titanium dioxide

  • Company Profile

    The Jinan Yuxing Chemical Co, Ltd is a branch of the China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd and a third-tier subsidiary of ChemChina. It was founded in 1919 with a history of more than 90 years and has left an indelible mark on China’s chemical industrial development. Yuxing Chem’s leading products are “Shengsheng” brand chromium salt and titanium dioxide, which have ISO9001 quality certification, and a market share of 10 percent for chromium and 20 percent for titanium. It is one of the earliest and largest Chinese manufacturers in this industry and its technology and product quality are in the lead domestically and have won several top honors.

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