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Hubei Greenhome Materials Technology, INC.

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Hubei Greenhome Materials Technology, INC.
Hubei Greenhome Materials Technology, INC.
  • Company Type:

    Manufacture / Factory;   Trading Company;  

  • Date of Establishment:

  • Location:

    Xiantao,  China

  • Business Scope:

    Organic Chemicals;   Paint and Coatings;   Inorganic Chemicals;  

  • Main Products:

    Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzaldehyde, Benzyl Chloride Epoxy Reactive DiluentsEpoxy Hardeners

  • Company Profile

    Honesty, dependable work, solidarity, endeavor, having no qualms to life, family and society are the foundations to set up our company. Advanced technology, scientific management and endlessly pursuing teams full of lofty ideals can makes the enterprises win broader market space and create wealth for the whole society as well, which is a road to our fortune development. Green means hope and symbolizes life and vigor. It indicates civilization and progress. The earth is our green home where we were born and brought up. Our ideal is to construct the green home well and beautify it all our lifes.

Contact Info

  • Contact:

    Sandy Wu

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