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    ,  France

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    Food & Feed Additives;   Paint and Coatings;   Dyes and Pigments;   Flavour & Fragrance;   Agrochemicals;   Organic Intermediates;   Organic Chemicals;   Inorganic Chemicals;   Daily Chemicals;   Catalyst and Auxiliary;   Adhesives;   Others

  • We are world leader due to an independent structure and a team specialized for 30 years in the field of extraction and purification of natural vegetable and plant matter :Researchers and quality specialists have an original range of 1500 chimically specified products at their disposal, We meet your needs : o in tracers for your control on quality, o in natural substance for your technological innovations, We are continuously involved in offering our advice, experience and know-how for the benefit of your projects.Knowledge of plant life, evolving permanently, shows the exteme diversity of the molecules found in this milieu. We control the manufacture of a considerable number of these molecules that you will find nowhere else.

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