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Changyu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Changyu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Changyu Chemical Co., Ltd.
Changyu Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • Company Type:


  • Location:

    Jiangsu,  China

  • Industry Category:

    Paint and Coatings

  • Main Products:

    Tris(2-chloroisopropyl) phosphate; Tributoxy Ethyl Phosphate; Triethyl Phosphate; Tri-Isobutyl Phosphate

  • Located in Leyu Yanjiang Chemical Park in Zhangjiagang City (a new booming port city in developed Changjiang Delta), Jiangsu Changyu Chemical Co., Ltd is a medium-scale chemical manufacturing enterprise of phosphorus-grouping fire retardants, pesticide intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates and dye intermediates. Covering an area of 200mu, we now have 380 employees and CNY 85.80 million of fixed assets. Moreover, we annually produce CNY 380 million products and export more than USD 25 million of products.

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