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Jiangsu Agrostar Chemical Co.,Ltd.

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Jiangsu Agrostar Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Jiangsu Agrostar Chemical Co.,Ltd.
  • Company Type:

    Manufacture / Factory;   Trading Company;  

  • Date of Establishment:

  • Location:

    Wuxi,  China

  • Business Scope:

    Organic Chemicals;  

  • Main Products:

    Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Granular (CAN), Magnesium Sulphate Hepta, Potassium Nitrate(NOP), Mono Potassium Phosphate(MKP), Mono Ammonium Phosphate(MAP),Urea phosphate(UP), Water Soluble NPKs, Potassium Sulphate(SOP)

  • Company Profile

    Agrostar® is a leading fertilizer and chemical supplier in Asia. With more than 15 years industries experiences, we have been focusing in Nitrates, Nitrogen, Phosphates, Potassium plant nutrition, and Water soluble NPK fertilizers business. In recent years, we expanded the business to Feed additives, Industrial chemicals and Mining industries. High-quality products are supplied to more than 30 countries around the world by our professional and multi-international team.

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