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Fluorochem Ltd.
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  • Fluorochem has been supplying intermediates for research and developmentto Pharmaceutical companies, Universities, Biotechnology companies and contractresearch organisations for over 40 years. The product portfolio of nearly100,000 items includes fluorinated products, heterocyclics, boronic acids,sulphur compounds, novel organics, organometallics, silanes, siloxanes,Biochemicals, NMR solvents, NMR tubes, Silicagel for chromatography and TLCplates.We are delighted to have reached an agreement to become a supportsupplier on the One Nucleus platform. Fluorochem offer a wide range of novel organic intermediates, labconsumables and common reagents with high stock levels, exceptional pricing andfast delivery. Combining this with the enhanced terms available through OneNucleus should make us an attractive supplier for anyone involved in researchand development in the chemical sector. One Nucleus's mission is to maximise the global competitiveness of theirmembers. For its' science and technology-based members, that means being globalleaders in the research, development and commercialisation of healthcareinnovations that radically improve the quality of people's lives around theworld. Our involvement with One Nucleus should give us enhanced visibility to awide range of potential new customers. Moreover, the numbers of companiesinvolved has enabled us to offer exceptional terms, not just to the establishedworld leading organisations, but to the smaller, emerging businesses involved.We hope that some of these companies will become customers for many years tocome.

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