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  • Chemper is a leading provider of syntheticchemistry services for chemists and pharmacologists.Founded in 2003 and based in Italy, Chemper provides externalsynthetic chemistry support for the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnologyindustries. Services Custom Synthesis Chemper synthesizes building block and final compound for: • Medicinal research• Pharmaceutical research• Lead compound development We sinthesizes from 10 mg to 100g or more We provides: • Multistep organic synthesis• Stereoselective synthesis or separation of diastereoisomers• Crystallization and RX analysis If you need derivative of Chemper's compounds or any other compoundplease let us to know, we will discuss solutions and we will try to meet yourneeds Chemper,your partner for • Pyrroles and Heterocycles• Custom synthesis Dyes sensitized solar cells Customized electrolyte solutions and Dyes for DSSC Chemper provides custom made electrolyte solutions based on ionicliquids, and performs syntheses of metal free dyes. Chemper works under a strictly confidential agreements with itscustomers

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