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Name:C.I. Pigment Violet 23

Cas No: 215247-95-3 EINECS:
Formula: C34H22Cl2N4O2 Molecular Weight: 589.47000
Synonyms: Diindolo[2,3-c:2',3'-n]triphenodioxazine, 9,19-dichloro-5,15-diethyl-5,15-dihydro-; 9,19-Dichloro-5,15-diethyl-5,15-dihydrodiindolo[2,3-c:2',3'-n]triphenodioxazine; C.I. 51319; CFP-FF 802V; Carbazole Dioxazine Violet; Carbazole Violet; Carbazole Violet 23; Chromofine Violet 6510PK; Chromofine Violet RE; Chromofine Violet RZS; Cosmenyl Violet RL; Creanova 877-8895; Cromophtal Violet GT; Cyanadur Violet; Dioxazine Violet; Dioxazine purple; EB Violet 4B7906; EMC Violet RL 10; Fast Violet RL; Fast Violet RL 3R Base; Fastogen Super Violet 140V; Fastogen Super Violet LBP 02; Fastogen Super Violet RN; Fastogen Super Violet RN-S; Fastogen Super Violet RN-SU 02; Fastogen Super Violet RTS; Fastogen Super Violet RVS; Fastogen Super Violet RXE; Fastogen Super Violet RXS; Fastogen Super Violet RZS; Flexiverse Violet 23; Heliofast Red Violet EE; Heliofast Violet BN; Heliogen Violet; Heliogen Violet R Toner; Hostafine Violet RL; Hostaperm RL-NF; Hostaperm Violet BL; Hostaperm Violet BL 01; Hostaperm Violet P-RL; Hostaperm Violet RL; Hostaperm Violet RL 02; Hostaperm Violet RL Special; Hostaperm Violet RL Special 14-4007; Hostaperm Violet RL Special TS; Hostaperm Violet RL-COF; Hostaperm Violet RL-COF 02; Hostaperm Violet RL-COF-VP 2777; Hostaperm Violet RL-ED-LV 3064; Hostaperm Violet RL-NF; Hostaperm Violet RL-SP; Hostaperm Violet RL-SPL; IJX 1880; Indofast Violet 23; Lake Fast Violet RL; Lake Fast Violet RLB; Lionogen Violet FG 6141G; Lionogen Violet HR; Lionogen Violet R 6100; Lionogen Violet R 6200; Lionogen Violet RL; Lionol Violet HR; Luconyl Violet 5894; Monolite Fast Violet R; Novotex Violet BL VP 2435; Novotex Violet BL-PC VP 2429; Orcobrite 4BN; Orcobrite Pigment Violet 4BN; Oriental Fast Violet BL; PV 23; PV Fast Violet BL; PV Fast Violet BLP; PV Fast Violet RL; PV Fast Violet RL-SPE; Paliogen Violet 5890; Paliogen Violet L 5890; Permanent Violet; Permanent Violet R; Permanent Violet RL; Pigment Fast Violet RL; Pigment Violet 23; RL-COF 02LV3101; Sandorin Violet BL; Sanyo Permanent Violet BL-D 422; Sumikacoat Fast Violet RSB; Sumitomo Fast Violet RL 3R Base; Sumitomo Fast Violet RL Base; Sumitone Fast Violet RL; Sumitone Fast Violet RL 4R; Sumitone Fast Violet RL 4R Base; Sumitone Fast Violet RL Base; Sumitone Fast Violet RLS; Sun Violet VHD 6003; Sunfast Violet 23; Symuler Fast Violet BBL; Symuler Fast Violet BBLN; Unisperse Violet B-E; Unisperse Violet B-S; VHD 6003; Violet A-RL 100; Violet E-BL; Violet P-RL; Violet RL-NF; Viscofil Violet BLN; Vynamon Violet 2B;
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Henan Tianfu Chemical Co.,Ltd     Contact Supplier
Aceto Corporation     Contact Supplier
Parchem - Fine & Specialty Chemicals     Contact Supplier
Equinox Chemicals, LLC     Contact Supplier


Cas No: 69214-13-7 EINECS:
Formula: C7H4BrClN2 Molecular Weight: 231.47700
Synonyms: 3-Chlor-5-brom-imidazo-<1.2a>pyridin; C-2435; Y9836;
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Hangzhou J&H Chemical Co., Ltd.     Contact Supplier
Molchemical     Contact Supplier
Livchem Logistics GmbH     Contact Supplier
ACTIVATE SCIENTIFIC     Contact Supplier
19553     Contact Supplier


Cas No: 112247-07-1 EINECS:
Formula: C72H114O9 Molecular Weight: 1123.67000
Synonyms: 1-Acetoxy-4-methylcalixarene; Hexamethyl(hexaacetoxy)calixarene; 4-Methyl-1-acetoxycalixarene [mixture of [6] and [8]] (contains 5-Acetone); c-undecylcalix[4]resorcinarene; C-Undecylcalix[4]resorcinarene Monohydrate;
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Skyrun Industrial Co.Limited     Contact Supplier
shandong xiya chemical technology Co.,LTD     Contact Supplier
ibookbio     Contact Supplier
Hangzhou J&H Chemical Co., Ltd.     Contact Supplier
Aemon Chemical Technology Co.Limited     Contact Supplier


Cas No: 53387-66-9 EINECS:
Formula: C11H12ClNS Molecular Weight: 225.73800
Synonyms: C-phenoxy-carbohydroxamic acid; Carbamic acid,hydroxy-,phenyl ester; N-Hydroxy-phenylcarbamat; N-hydroxyphenyl carbamate; N-hydroxy-carbamic acid phenyl ester; Phenyl hydroxycarbamate; N-phenoxycarbonylhydroxylamine;
Recommended Supplier Purity Package Price
ibookbio     Contact Supplier
Tetrahedron Scientific Inc     Contact Supplier
Zannan Pharma, Ltd.     Contact Supplier
Ibookbio     Contact Supplier
Henan Coreychem Co.,Ltd     Contact Supplier

Name:C.I. Pigment Green 36

Cas No: 14302-13-7 EINECS:
Formula: C32Br6Cl10CuN8 Molecular Weight: 1393.90000
Synonyms: Lionol Green 2YS; Pigment Green 41; Hostaperm Green 8G; Fastogen Green Y; Vynamon Green 6Y; Lionol Green 6YK; Pigment Green 38; Heliogen Green 6G; Pigment Green 36;
Recommended Supplier Purity Package Price
HangZhou Peak Chemical Co.,Ltd     Contact Supplier
HeBei RuiDing Import&Export.Co., Ltd.     Contact Supplier
Tianjin Baibang Chemical Co., Ltd     Contact Supplier
Skyrun Industrial Co.Limited     Contact Supplier
Meghmani Organics Limited     Contact Supplier

Name:C.I. Pigment Black 28

Cas No: 68186-91-4 EINECS:
Formula: Cr2CuO4 Molecular Weight: 231.53600
Synonyms: Copper chromite black spinel; Ferro Black K 393-2; Ferro Black V 7702; Harshaw 7890; Jet Black 1; Pigment Black 28; Shepherd 20C980; Shepherd Black 1G; Shepherd Black 20C980; Shepherd Pigment Black 1; Black 1; Black 10C928; Black 1G; Black 20C920; Black 30C965; Black 430; Black 469; C.I.77428; JB010F; JP003F; JP007F; dichromium(3+) ion copper(2+) ion tetraoxidandiide; Pigment Black 28;
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Angene International Limited     Contact Supplier
Hangzhou Dayangchem Co., Ltd.     Contact Supplier
Hangzhou J&H Chemical Co., Ltd.     Contact Supplier
Afine Chemicals Limited     Contact Supplier
Henan Tianfu Chemical Co., Ltd.     Contact Supplier

Name:timosaponin C

Cas No: 185432-00-2 EINECS:
Formula: C45H74O18 Molecular Weight: 903.05800
Synonyms: Anemarsaponin C; timosaponin C; Timorsaponin C; Timsaponin-C; Timsaponin C;
Recommended Supplier Purity Package Price
Henan Bizhi Chemical Tech Co Ltd     Contact Supplier
Shanghai AngewChem Co., Ltd.     Contact Supplier
NovaChemistry     Contact Supplier
Boc Sciences     Contact Supplier
shanghai Tauto Biotech Co., Ltd     Contact Supplier


Cas No: 7230-71-9 EINECS:
Formula: C18H13N Molecular Weight: 243.30300
Synonyms: 10-methylbenz[c]acridine; 10-Methyl-benzoacridin; 10-Methyl-benzo[c]acridine; 10-Methyl-benz[c]acridin; 2-Methyl-7,8-benzoacridin; 10-methyl-benzo[c]acridine; 10-methyl-benz[c]acridine;
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Angene International Limited     Contact Supplier
Henan Bizhi Chemical Tech Co Ltd     Contact Supplier
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copper,(c,c,c,c,c,c,c,c-octachloro-29h,31h-phthalocyaninato(2-)-kappan29,kappan30,kappan31,kappan32)   21h,23h-porphine-c,c,c,2-tetrapropanoicacid, c,c,c,3-tetramethyl-   21h,23h-porphine,c,c,c,2-tetraethyl-c,c,c,3-tetramethyl-   [c,c,c-3h]methanol   dna,d(p-thio)(t-g-c-a-t-c-c-c-c-c-a-g-g-c-c-a-c-c-a-t)   (?(5)-c5h4sime3)2ticl(c*c-c*c-c2h5)   dna,d(p-thio)(c-t-g-c-c-t-c-a-g-c-g-c-c-c-c-t-t-t-g-c) (9ci)   dna,d(p-thio)(c-a-g-c-c-a-t-g-g-t-t-c-c-c-c-c-c-a-a-c) (9ci)   21h,23h-porphine-c,c,c,2-tetrapropanoicacid, c,c,c,3-tetrakis(carboxymethyl)-   rna,(p-thio)((2'-o-propyl)(u-g-c-a-u-c-c-c-c-c-a-g-g-c-c-a-c-c-a)-dt) (9ci)   21h,23h-porphine-c,c,c,c,c-pentacarboxylicacid, pentamethyl ester (9ci)   dna,d(p-thio)(t-c-g-t-c-g-c-t-g-t-c-t-c-c-g-c-t-t-c-t-t-c-t-t-g-c-c) (9ci)