As a chemical purchaser, you are care about where to source, who can provide proper products and price, and how to choose the most suitable source.

Now throwing to OKCHEM, you will find professional sourcing solution here.

What We Do

OKCHEM is dedicated to be your trusted partner for global chemical business. With sourcing team of decades’ chemical experience, OKCHEM can help you source the most suitable suppliers and products from China in Short time, which can save your time, money and energy.

How to Sourcing

1. Create a requirement

2. OKCHEM checks and confirms the sourcing order

3. OKCHEM sources and generates the report

4. Check and download the report


Within 24 hours, OKCHEM checks and confirms whether your requirements can be carried out thoroughly or not. If yes, time frame and service quotation will be offered.


Once finish sourcing, a customized report will be provided, including the most suitable suppliers, as well as their quotations, quality standard, package, payment terms and so on.[ View template ]