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wheat gluten
wheat gluten
wheat gluten
wheat gluten

wheat gluten

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FOB Price: $ 1500.00/MT
MOQ: 3.00 MT
Other Name: vital wheat gluten
Origin: China
Brand: Yubin

Product Details

  • Item Name: wheat gluten
  • Other Name: vital wheat gluten
  • Appearance: Light yellow powder
  • CAS NO.: 8002-80-0
  • Hs Code: 1109000000
  • Type: GENERAL


ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 22000


Widely used in bread, seitan,noodles, instant noodles production, also can use and meat products as water retention agent, is also the foundation of high-grade aquatic feed raw materials.

Package & Storage

25kg/craft paper bag or 1000kg bulk bag

Basic Description

Vital Wheat Gluten is a kind of natural plant protein extracted from wheat flour and is also a kind of nutritious plant protein resource consisting of multi-amino acids. It has strong hygroscopicity, viscoelastic extension, film formability, adhesion heat coagulability and liposuction emulsifiability, takes on mild and mellow flavor, somewhat has a variety of unique physical properties of grain, meeting multi-functional requirements of food nutrition and providing a basic raw materials featuring multi-functions, attracting appearance, nutrient and economic value for developing new food field.

Detail Description

Standard Quality Certificate-Wheat Gluten

Application of Food grade Vital Wheat Gluten:

Bread: Add 1% to 3% of wheat gluten (depending on gluten content of flour) to increase dough strength, viscoelasticity, extensibility and stability, keep gases generated in proofing period, control expansion and keep uniform volume. Gluten is renowned for maintaining form, improving bread quality, prolonging aging time and providing nourishment and is totally distinctive from other chemical gluten agents!
Instant noodles, longevity noodles, noodles: Add 1% to 2% of wheat gluten to increase the toughness of noodles. The processing noodles are renowned for being uneasy for breakage, boiling and soaking for a long time, pliable and delicious.
Meat products such as ham sausage, sandwich and luncheon meatWheat Gluten is the best caking agent and filling agent for meat products and especially can replace lean meat in part when it is added to fish, sausage and meat cans to increase elasticity and density, decrease animal fat and cholesterol content, increase output and prolong shelf life.
Raw material for assorted vegetables, delicious gluten, bean curd drumsticks and bean curd Sausage: Wheat gluten can change food structure and flavor and provide nourishment. As a kind of low fat and non-alcohol product, it is a kind of popular nutrient food among families in the world.







Water Absorption(dry basis)



Ash(dry basis)






Trade Information

  • Supply Ability: 20000.00MT/Year
  • Delivery Time:
  • Shipping Port: Qingdao
  • Payment Term: T/T ,L/C

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