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MOQ: 2.00MT
Other Name:
Category: Coating Materials, Flavour Enhancers
Origin: Anhui, China
Brand: ANTE
Manufacturer: Anhui Ante Food Co., Ltd.  



Starch white powder
General Product
Basic Description
Starch is pure natural green product, which is made from high-quality wheat, it has unique performances such as high gloss and transparency, strong viscosity, good stability, high anti-deforming capability, etc. It is the most common carbohydrate in human diets. Pure starch is a white, tasteless and odorless powder that is insoluble in cold water or alcohol. It consists of two types of molecules: the linear and helical amylose and the branched amylopectin. Depending on the plant, starch generally contains 20 to 25% amylose and 75 to 80% amylopectin by weight.
Main Property
This product can be used as raw material for sheet jelly, fried nice noodles, quick-frozen dumpling, biscuit, instant noodles, ham sausage and ice-cream. Moreover, the product can also be used in starch sugar, amino acid, alcohol, antibiotics, etc.
Package & Storage
Package: 25Kg/bag. Storage: Store in a cool, dry and well ventilated place.
Detail Description
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