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MOQ: 1.00MT
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Category: Nutrition Enhancers
Origin: Gansu, China
Brand: KERUI



sodium caseinate Pure white or cream white
General Product
Basic Description
Sodium Caseinate is a sort of milky white or cream yellow protein powder, extracted from pure natural cow milk by spray-drying technology. It has properties of emulsification, thermalstability, thickening, water-reraining, forming film and so on. It owns good nutrition for human body and proper balance of Amino Acids. Meanwhile, it features digestible, rich proteins, low antigen and the physiological activity of anti-mutagenesis. Therefore, it is widely used in the following areas of food stuffs.
Main Property
Widely used in meat processing, protein beverage, margarine, noodles, confectionary , ice cream, enriched foodstuff , health-care foodstuff, pharmaceutical industries, etc.
Package & Storage
Package: 25kg/bag Storage: Stored in a light-proof, well-colsed,dry place.
Detail Description
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