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Silicone Water Repellent RJ-WP01 (42%)       
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Category: Water Repellents
Origin: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China




Silicone Water Repellent RJ-WP01 (42%) Colorless to light yellow clear liquid.
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General Product
Basic Description
It is a clear, water-repellent sealer that produces a breathable barrier on masonry. This barrier prevents chlorine penetration and reduces cracking, dirt pickup, efflorescence and damage from freezing/thawing cycles. Because it is clear, the sealer penetrates deep into substrates without changing their appearance.
Main Property
Used as waterproofing agent, isolation anti-sticking agent, release agent, defoamer, waterproof, anti-corrosion coatings, methyl block room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber.
Package & Storage
1. Package: 250KG Plastic Drum or 1250KG IBC Drum 2. Storage: care is required in storage to avoid denaturation by the reaction with water or moisture. The storage room must be dark and cool. High temperature and high humidity are absolutely undesirable.
Detail Description
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