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涂料级绢云母 涂料级绢云母 涂料级绢云母
sericite (Coating grade)
sericite (Coating grade)
sericite (Coating grade)

sericite (Coating grade)

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MOQ: 20 MT
Other Name: sericite in powder
Origin: Anhui, China
Brand: GREA

Product Details

  • Item Name: sericite (Coating grade)
  • Other Name: sericite in powder
  • Appearance: White powder
  • CAS NO.: 12001-26-2
  • Hs Code: 38029000.90
  • EINECS No.: 215-479-3
  • Type: GENERAL


It is widely used in exterior wall coating, anticorrosive coating, powder coating, high temperature coating, insulating coating, waterproof coating, road marking paint, radiation protection paint and some special coatings, such as marine coating, spacecraft thermal control coating and foodware coating.

Package & Storage

Package:25KG/Bag Storage:Store in a dry and ventilated environment

Basic Description

Sericite is a fine grained mica, similar to muscovite, illite, or paragonite. Sericite is a common alteration mineral of orthoclase or plagioclase feldspars in areas that have been subjected to hydrothermal alteration typically associated with copper, tin, or other hydrothermal ore deposits. Sericite also occurs as the fine mica that gives the sheen to phyllite and schistose metamorphic rocks.

Detail Description