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松香树脂PE100 松香树脂PE100 松香树脂PE100
Rosin Resin PE100
Rosin Resin PE100
Rosin Resin PE100

Rosin Resin PE100

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MOQ: 10 MT
Other Name:
Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand: GDCC

Product Details

  • Item Name: Rosin Resin PE100
  • Other Name:
  • Appearance: Light yellow lamellae.
  • CAS NO.: 8050-31-5
  • MF:
  • Hs Code: 3806900010
  • Type: GENERAL


Can be used in paints, synthetic resins, adhesives, protective coatings and so on.

Package & Storage

1.Plastic bag, plastic drum. 25kgs/bag. 2. Keep in dry place, and in the normal temperature.

Basic Description

Rosin resin is a light color, highly polymerized (dimerized) high softening point, high viscosity, and better oxidation resistance, and in the liquid state or in the solution completely anti-crystallization,

Detail Description