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MOQ: 1.00MT
Other Name: ;n-Propyl n-propanoate
Category: Solvents
Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand: LEMON




Propyl Propionate colorless liquid
;n-Propyl n-propanoate
106-36-5 203-389-7
C6H12O2 116
121.9 ℃ -76 ℃ 19.4 ℃
General Product
Basic Description
Propyl Propionate is an ester formed from the esterification of propanol and propanoic acid. It has the molecular formula C6H12O2. Like most esters, propyl propanoate has a distinctly fruity odor which may be described as a chemically tinged pineapple. It is a colorless liquid with fruit fragrance, slightly soluble in water. Can be dissolved with organic solvents such as aether, alcohols.
Main Property
Widely used in the kind of excellent solvent in the industries of coating and printing ink.
Package & Storage
Package: 200L metal pail, NW: 170Kg per pail. Storage: Store in cool dry place
Detail Description
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