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三聚磷酸钾 三聚磷酸钾 三聚磷酸钾
Potassium triphosphate
Potassium triphosphate
Potassium triphosphate

Potassium triphosphate

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Other Name: Triphosphoricacid, potassium salt (1:5); KTPP
Origin: Jiangsu, China

Product Details

  • Item Name: Potassium triphosphate
  • Other Name: Triphosphoricacid, potassium salt (1:5); KTPP
  • Appearance: white to off-white crystalline powder
  • CAS NO.: 13845-36-8
  • MF: H5O10P3.5K
  • Formula Weight: 448
  • Melting Point: 620.00℃
  • Hs Code: 2835399000
  • EINECS No.: 237-574-9
  • Type: GENERAL


Sequestering agent for calcium and magnesium in food products; highly soluble in aqueous solutions; excellent dispersion properties; low sodium meats, Poultry, processed seafoods,pocessed cheeses, soups and sauces, noodle products, petfoods.

Package & Storage

it is packed with plastic bag as liner, and a compound plastic woven bag as the outer layer. The net weight of each bag is 25kg.Stored in a dry and ventilative warehouse; Keep away from moisture moisture and poisonous substances. Handled with care.

Basic Description

The product is white crystal or powder which is easily soluble in water. And it has a good ability to complex metal ions. The uses of STTP include using it as a preservative. Sodium Tripolyphosphate STPP can be used to preserve foods such as red meats, poultry, and seafood, helping them to retain their tenderness and moisture. Pet food and animal feed have been known to be treated with Sodium tripolyphosphate stpp, serving the same general purpose as it does in human food.

Detail Description