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Potassium Formate (for oil field industry )   
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MOQ: 1.00MT
Other Name: Formicacid npotassium salt
Category: Drilling Mud Chemicals
Origin: chongqing, Chongqing, China




Potassium Formate (for oil field industry ) white crystal
Formicacid npotassium salt
590-29-4 209-677-9
CH2KO2 85
General Product
Basic Description
Potassium formate is the potassium salt of formic acid. This white solid is an intermediate in the formate potash process for the production of potassium.
Main Property
1. It is extensively used in oil field industry as drilling fluid with excellent performance; 2. As the camouflage acid in the leather industry;   3. As reducing agent in print and dyeing industry;   4. As road snow-dissolved agent, early strength agent of cement paste, and in carbon black manufacture, mining, electroplating and other industries.
Package & Storage
packed PP-PE bag or vacuum bag, the packing specification is 25kg or based on the customers' requirements.; Pay attention to rain, sun light during transportation, separate with acids and oxidation materials.
Detail Description

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