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porpylene glycol fatty acid ester   
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MOQ: 1.00MT
Other Name: Propylene glycol monostearate
Category: Bulking Agents
Origin: Zhejiang, China



porpylene glycol fatty acid ester white or yellow solid
Propylene glycol monostearate
1323-39-3 215-354-3 2932999099
C21H42O3 342
447.7 ℃ 35 ℃ 166.7 ℃
General Product
Basic Description
Propylene glycol fatty acid ester is propylene glycol stearic acid as the raw material of emulsifier, good foaming and emulsifying properties, it is commonly used as a cake and cream cake of foaming agent, also commonly used in combination with other emulsifiers, synergistic effect.
Main Property
Used to coat with margarine, cake with margarine/shortening, shortening, plant fat cream and other food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industries.
Package & Storage
20kg/bag.A cool ventilated place, must not exceed 40 ℃ temperature.
Detail Description
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