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Other Name: Poly(1,4-butanediol) bis(4-aminobenzoate); Polytetramethylene glycol bis(4-aminobenzoate) [P1000];4-(4-aminobenzoyl)oxybutyl 4-aminobenzoate
Category: Amino Resins, Curing Agents
Origin: Suzhou, Jiangsu, China




Polytetramethyleneoxide-di-p-aminobenzoate—P1000 Amber liquid
Poly(1,4-butanediol) bis(4-aminobenzoate); Polytetramethylene glycol bis(4-aminobenzoate) [P1000];4-(4-aminobenzoyl)oxybutyl 4-aminobenzoate
C18H20N2O4 328
? 18? ?
General Product
Basic Description
As a liquid, XYLINK P-1000 can be mixed with prepolymer at roomtemperature to do casting and curing, it can be the chain extender for both TDIand MDI system; XYLINK P-1000 can also be the flexibility modifying agent for epoxide resin curingsystem.
Main Property
It can be used in the area of casting, coating, adhesiveagent, sealing agent and spray finishing. It is appropriate for onsite processing because it iseasy to process. Compare with MDI/ diol heat curing system, the XYLINKP-1000 room temperature curing system has more simpler process procedure, andhas better performance. Besides, the shrinkage ratio of elastomer cured by XYLINKP-1000 under room temperature is lower.
Package & Storage
Package: Net20kg and 50kg galvanized iron drum. Storage:This product should be packed perfectly in a ventilated dry place, and keeps awayfrom sun light.
Detail Description

M-CDEA is a derivative of the MDA class, able to be combined with TDI prepolymer to prepare for PU elastomers with excellent performance. Mixed with corresponding MOCA or 740M for use, the property of PU elastomers can be improved, reflecting good additive effects. It has been widely used in PU pouring, spraying, RIM and other technical methods, as well as microporous products, TPU, adhesive, coating agent and other preparation of products. This product has low toxicity.

This product is MCDEA compound monomer.

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