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永固橙RL 永固橙RL 永固橙RL
Pigment Orange 34
Pigment Orange 34
Pigment Orange 34

Pigment Orange 34

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MOQ: 10 MT
Other Name: C.I. Pigment Orange 34
Origin: Zhejiang, China

Product Details

  • Item Name: Pigment Orange 34
  • Other Name: C.I. Pigment Orange 34
  • Appearance: Orange powder
  • CAS NO.: 15793-73-4
  • MF: C34H28Cl2N8O2
  • Formula Weight: 651
  • Melting Point: 335.00℃
  • Hs Code: 3204170000
  • EINECS No.: 239-898-6
  • Type: GENERAL


For printing inks, coatings, plastics and rubber coloring. Also used for wallpaper and textile printing paste coating, especially the flash paint printing. It is a kind of orange organic pigment with good heat fastness.

Package & Storage

Pakege: 25kg/bag,400kg/pallet,8tons/20FCL Storage: Keep in dry place, and in the normal temperature.

Basic Description

The paint agent brand 54 kinds of goods, are pure yellow orange, high tinting strength, has a transparent type (75 ㎡ / g) and non transparent (15 ㎡ / g). Specific surface area of solid orange forever RL01 for 49 g / ㎡, RL70 specific surface area for 24 g / ㎡, at the same depth, the varieties of the printing sample more light than C.I. pigment orange 13 (high level).

Detail Description