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Category: Nutrition Enhancers
Origin: China



pea dietary fiber white powder
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General Product
Basic Description
Pea Dietary Fiber is isolated from pea, made through a corresponding physical process. It is an integrated product of pea cells, polysaccharide, lignin, and related substances.the fiber performs significant physiological activities in human body. Pea Dietary Fiber contains lot of hydrophilic perssads with strong water absorption and retention, high expansibility. It can absorb 4 times weight of water and expanding in the stomach and form high viscosity collosols or gels that resulting satiety and inhibiting food intake to help weight controlling.
Main Property
Meat Products; Healthy Drinks; Low Fat and Sugar Foods; Diet Foods; High Fiber Foods;Seasoning Condiments; Filling, Stuffing; Diabetic Products; Animal Dietary
Package & Storage
20kg/bag,zhisu composite bag, lined with kraft paper bags, inside the innermost food-grade PE bag or according to customer requirements for packaging. Storage:In ventilated dry place.
Detail Description
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