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oleic acid (High-pure) oleic acid (High-pure) oleic acid (High-pure)
oleic acid (High-pure)
oleic acid (High-pure)
oleic acid (High-pure)

oleic acid (High-pure)

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MOQ: 1.00 MT
Other Name:
Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand: OLEO

Product Details

  • Item Name: oleic acid (High-pure)
  • Other Name:
  • Appearance: light yellow oily liquid
  • CAS NO.: 112-80-1
  • MF: C18H34O2
  • Formula Weight: 282
  • Boiling Point: 360.00℃
  • Melting Point: 13.00℃
  • Flash Point: 270.00℃
  • EINECS No.: 204-007-1
  • Type: GENERAL


used in the production of oleamide (smooth agent, mold release agents) in the rubber industry, liquid compound heat stabilizer, used in the other industries for the production of chemical products such as lubricants, emulsifiers, detergents, alcohols .

Package & Storage

Package: plastic drum, Net wt 180kg Storage: Store in cool, dry and well-ventilated place.

Basic Description

Oleic Acid is light yellow or brown yellow transparent oily liquid under room temperature, the color turns darker gradually over time when exposed in air. Melting point 13.4℃, specific gravity 0.8905 (20℃), insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvent like ethanol, gasoline, etc., converts to stearic acid by hydrogenation, with general chemical properties of organic carboxylic acid and chemical properties of unsaturated double bond.

Trade Information

  • Supply Ability: 5000.00MT/Month
  • Delivery Time:
  • Shipping Port: AnyPort
  • Payment Term: T/T ,L/C ,O/A ,D/P ,D/A

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    oleic acid (High-pure)