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MOQ: 500.00KG
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Category: Flavour Enhancers, Nutrition Enhancers
Origin: Jiangsu, China



Natural Cocoa Powder Fine powder, free from lumps
General Product
Basic Description
Natural cocoa beans are used to go through screening, roasting, grinding, alkalization, sterilization, machine pressing, milling and other processes on imported hydraulic press machine production lines, to produce cocoa powder, which has natural cocoa fragrance. According to fat content, cocoa powder is divided into high-fat, medium-fat and low-fat cocoa powder. High-fat cocoa powder contains 22-24% fat; medium-fat cocoa powder contains 10-12% fat; and low-fat cocoa powder contains less than 10% fat. Natural cocoa powder has PH value of 5.0-5.8 and strong natural cocoa aroma. In addition to direct application in chocolate and beverage production, cocoa powder can also be used in tobacco, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Main Property
Natural cocoa powder and cocoa butter, sugar and vanilla essence or other edible spices can be made into chocolate; chocolate milk further processed into milk chocolate.
Package & Storage
25kg/bag Store cool and dry at 20℃(Max); Relative Humidity(Max) 60%
Detail Description
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