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MOQ: 50.00KG
Other Name: 2-Pyrrolidinone,1-methyl-;1-Methyl-5-pyrrolidinone;1-Methylazacyclopentan-2-one
Category: Solvents, Additives
Origin: Shanghai, China
Brand: HUIAN




N-methylpyrrolidone(NMP) colourless or light yellow liquid with an amine odour
872-50-4 212-828-1
C5H9NO 99 >=10 g/100 mL at 20 °C
202 ℃ -23.6 ℃ 86.11 ℃
General Product
Basic Description
N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP) is colorless and transparent liquid, can dissolvable in water and many solvents. As a high-selective polar solvent and nitrogen heterocycle compound, NMP has such advantages as non-toxicity, high boiling point, low corrosion, high solubility, low viscosity, low volatility and good stability and high selectivity.
Main Property
Application: 1. Micro-electronic grade: It is applicable to LCD, semiconductor, circuit boards, carbon nanotubes and other high-end microelectronic industry. 2. Electronic grade: It is applicable to lithium batteries, aramid fiber, PPS, ultrafiltra-tion film and other industries. 3. Pharmaceutical grade: It is applicable to medical, pharmaceutical, veterinaryt solvents, intermediates and other industries. 4. Industrial grade: It is applicable to the acetylene concentration, butadiene extraction,electrical insulating materials, high-grade paints, pesticide adjuvants, inks, paints, indus-trial cleaning agent and other industries.
Package & Storage
Packaging: galvanized metal pail or PE drum, net wt. 200kg; or kept in ISO TANK 16mt ( 80 drums) per 20ft container; Kept in cool and ventilating place, far away from fire and heat. Load gently, no breakage and leakage.
Detail Description
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