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MOQ: 500.00KG
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Category: Curing Agents
Origin: Suzhou, Jiangsu, China




ML200 Light yellow to brown transparent liquid
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Dangerous Cargo UN No.:2018
Basic Description
Liquid ML-200 is the product similar to solid MOCA in chemical structure and physical properties. It has characteristics of being liquid in normal temperature, reaction rate faster than solid MOCA and safety better than solid MOCA. The features are well used to provide many favorable conditions and factors in the process and environmental safety. Diamine contained in the product can be widely used in the production of polyurea-polyurea type products as chain extender and curing agent, and the quality of the product is more excellent.
Main Property
It is mainly used as chain extender / curing agent of polyurethane-polyurea elastomer products in TDI series, especially widely used in casting elastomer preparation. This product can be used as curing agent for polyurethane coatings, adhesives, sealants,
Package & Storage
Package:20kg, 50kg and 200kg net weight in galvanized iron drum or plastic drum Storage:should be stored in an airtight environment to prevent contacting directly with air.
Detail Description

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