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MOQ: 16.00MT
Other Name: Methyl prop-2-enoate; Methyl propenoate; Methoxycarbonylethylene; Curithane 103;
Category: Acrylic Resins
Origin: Yixing, Jiangsu, China
Brand: SANMU
Manufacturer: Jiangsu Sanmu Group




Methyl acrylate Colorless clear liquid with smell similar to that of garlic.
Methyl prop-2-enoate; Methyl propenoate; Methoxycarbonylethylene; Curithane 103;
96-33-3 202-500-6 2916121000
C4H6O2 86 60 g/L (20 ºC)
80.3? -76.5? -2.8?
Dangerous Cargo UN No.:1919 3/PG 2
Basic Description
Methyl acrylate is a volatile, unsaturated methyl ester. Colorless and transparent liquid, similar to the smell of garlic. For the preparation of methyl acrylate - vinyl acetate - styrene terpolymer.
Main Property
Explosion range:: 2.8-25.0vol%
Methyl acrylate is used in the manufacture of paint, artificial rubber, adhesive, thickener, Bisexual surfactant, fiber, plastic, textile and ink. Methyl acrylate is also used in chemical synthetic reaction. When it is used in the formula of emulsion paint, the polymer of acrylic acid has good nature of waterproofing and gentle resistance and excellent nature of weather and sunlight resistance.
Package & Storage
Package:200KG/Plastic Drum,or based on customer's needs Storage:The product shall be stored in cool and ventilated warehouse. The product shall be kept away from fire source and heat source. The temperature in the warehouse shall not be more than 25℃
Detail Description

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