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Methanol Methanol


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MOQ: 20.00 MT
Other Name:
Origin: Shandong, China

Product Details

  • Item Name: Methanol
  • Other Name:
  • Appearance: colorless, transparent liquid
  • CAS NO.: 67-56-1
  • MF: CH4O
  • Formula Weight: 32
  • Boiling Point: 48.09℃
  • Melting Point: -98.00℃
  • Flash Point: 11.11℃
  • EINECS No.: 200-659-6
  • Type: GENERAL


With a wide application, methanol is a chemical material and high-quality fuel. It is mainly used in the fields of fine chemical engineering and plastics to manufacture formaldehyde, acetic acid, chloromethane, methylamine, dimethyl sulfate and many other organic products, and also one of the important raw materials of pesticide and medicine. After deep processing, methanol can be used as a new clean fuel, and also can be added in the gasoline for burning.

Package & Storage

according to the clients requirement; Store in dry, dark and ventilated place.

Basic Description

colorless, transparent liquid, with pungent smell (alcohol smell), relative steam density (air=1): 1.11 Solubility: it is soluble in water, alcohol, ether and many other inorganic solvents.

Trade Information

  • Supply Ability: 3000.00MT/Month
  • Delivery Time:
  • Shipping Port: AnyPort
  • Payment Term: T/T

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