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MOQ: 500.00KG
Other Name: 4,4'-Methylene-bis(3-chloro-2,6-diethylaniline)
Category: Curing Agents
Origin: Suzhou, Jiangsu, China




M-CDEA White or microstrip light gray powder crystal
C21H28Cl2N2 379
? 87? ?
General Product
Basic Description
M-CDEA is a derivative of the MDA class, able to be combined with TDI prepolymer to prepare for PU elastomers with excellent performance. Mixed with corresponding MOCA or 740M for use, the property of PU elastomers can be improved, reflecting good additive effects. It has been widely used in PU pouring, spraying, RIM and other technical methods, as well as microporous products, TPU, adhesive, coating agent and other preparation of products. This product has low toxicity.
Main Property
a. This product has good compatibility with TDI prepolymer, and the made PU product has excellent physical and dynamic mechanical property, able to be used in technical methods of pouring, spray and RIM of PU; it has been widely used in elastomer of PU, microporous product, adhesives, coating agent and other product preparation. b. This product can also be used as curing agent for epoxy resin and preparation of polyimide. c. The introduction of “ethyl” group in MDA makes the toxicity of the product greatly reduced, for example, the rat oral poisoning is LD50>5000mg/kg.
Package & Storage
Package: This product is packed in cardboard barrel with inner PP bags, with two kinds of packages of 25kg and 40kg. Storage:The completely packaged products should be stored in well ventilated and dry place, and avoided light.
Detail Description

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