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MOQ: 1.00MT
Other Name:
Category: Thickeners
Origin: Fujian, China
Brand: XINLV
Manufacturer: Fujian Green Pine Co., Ltd  



Konjac Gum white crystalline powder
37220-17-0 3505200000
General Product
Basic Description
The product is the natural hydrocolloid with high purity through alcohol purification of the konjac fine flour extracted from the tubers of the alpine plant - fresh konjac. Its main ingredient is glucomannan (KGM) and the dry basis accounts for over 80%. Konjac gum with it's special water holiding capacity, stability, emulsibility, thickening property, suspension property and gel propery can especially adopted in food industry. Not only it can be widely used in ice-cream, jelly, meat products etc but also konjac itself is good for human health.
Main Property
Used as appetite suppressant and pharmaceutical medicals.
Package & Storage
25kg drum; Keep in dry place, and in the normal temperature
Detail Description
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