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Iron Oxide Yellow Y42-01       
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Other Name: Fe2O3,magnetic iron oxide
Category: Color Pigments
Origin: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China




Iron Oxide Yellow Y42-01 Yellow form
Fe2O3,magnetic iron oxide
20344-49-4 28211000
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General Product
Basic Description
As an important inorganic colorant, iron oxide yellow is characterized high opacity, strong tinting strength, easy dispersibility, excellent light fastness and perfect weather resistance. It is extensively used in concrete, roofing tile, paver, stucco, masonary, paint, coating, rubber, plastic, paper and leather industries etc.
Main Property
Iron oxides are widely used as inexpensive, durable pigments in paints, coatings and colored concretes. Colors commonly available are in the "earthy" end of the yellow/orange/red/brown/black range. When used as a food coloring, it has E number E172.
Package & Storage
Pakege: In 25kg paper bag/1000kg bulk bag then palletized Storage: Protect against weathering , Store in a dry place
Detail Description
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