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MOQ: 1.00MT
Other Name: Cyclohexanehexol; Hexahydroxycyclohexane; myo-inositol plant cell culture tested;
Category: Intermediates, Nutrition Enhancers, Growth Promoters
Origin: Hebei, China



Inositol White crystalline powder
Cyclohexanehexol; Hexahydroxycyclohexane; myo-inositol plant cell culture tested;
87-89-8 201-781-2
C6H12O6 4 g/100 mL (25 °C) in water
291 ℃ 222 ℃ 143 ℃
General Product
Basic Description
Inositol or cyclohexane-1,2,3,4,5,6-hexol is a chemical compound with formula C6H12O6 or (CHOH)6, a six-fold alcohol (polyol) of cyclohexane. Inositol is a sugar alcohol. Its taste has been assayed at half the sweetness of table sugar. It plays an important role as the structural basis for a number of secondary messengers in eukaryotic cells, the various inositol phosphates. In addition, inositol serves as an important component of the structural lipids phosphatidylinositol (PI) and its various phosphates, the phosphatidylinositol phosphate (PIP) lipids.
Main Property
Used as a biochemical reagent, also used in drug and organic synthesis. Additive of Food and health food, nutrition enhancer, also can be used as feed additive, also can be used in cosmetics.
Package & Storage
Package: 25kg/drum. Storage: Store in dry, dark and ventilated place.
Detail Description
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