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Industrial grade light calcium carbonate   
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MOQ: 20.00MT
Other Name: Calcium carbonate; Calcium Carbonate (synthetic); Calcium carbonate,light powder;
Category: Extender Pigments
Origin: Jiande, Zhejiang, China




Industrial grade light calcium carbonate white powder
Calcium carbonate; Calcium Carbonate (synthetic); Calcium carbonate,light powder;
471-34-1 207-439-9 28365000.00
CaCO₃ 100
? 1339? ?
General Product
Basic Description
Calcium carbonate is a kind of inorganic compounds, the chemical formula is CaCO, neutral, basically insoluble in water, soluble in hydrochloric acid.
Main Property
Main uses: Widely used in the production of paper, plastic, wire and cable, paint, pigment and other products.
Package & Storage
Packag: 25KG Storage: should be in a cool dry ventilated place, prevent moisture absorbent. Exposure controls / personal protection You should put on a mask and goggles when operation.
Detail Description
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