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MOQ: 1.00MT
Other Name: 9-(β-D-Ribofuranosyl)guanine;Guanine-9-β-D-ribofuranoside
Category: Intermediates, Nutrition Enhancers
Origin: Xinjiang, China



Guanosine white crystalline powder
118-00-3 204-227-8
C10H13N5O5 283 33 mL water solubility is 1g
250 ℃
General Product
Basic Description
Guanosine is white or off white crystalline powder. It is hard to soluble in water, easily soluble in warm water. 1320 mL water solubility in 18℃ is 1g; Within boiling water bath, 33 mL water solubility is 1g. It is soluble in acid-base, such as dilute mineral acid, hot acetic acid. It isn’t soluble in organic solvent, such as alcohol, ether, chloroform and benzene.
Main Property
It is an important intermediate in food and medicine product and can be used to compound food flavor enhancers
Package & Storage
Package: 25Kg/bag Storage: stored in sealed containers, cool and dry place.
Detail Description
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