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Glutaraldehyde ( low methanol grade)   
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Category: Tanning & Retanning Agents, Enhanced Oil Recovery Chemicals
Origin: xiangyang, Hubei, China




Glutaraldehyde ( low methanol grade) 25% is colorless transparent liquid, 50% is Oily light yellow transparent liquid, with rotten-apple-like odor
111-30-8 203-856-5 2912190090
C5H8O2 100
101 ℃ -5.8 ℃ 66 ℃
General Product
Basic Description
It is colorless or yellowish bright liquid with slight irritating odor; soluble in water, ether and ethanol. It is active, can be easily polymerized and oxidized, and it is an excellent cross-linking agent for protein. It also has excellent sterilizing properties.
Main Property
Methanol:: ≤0.5%
Color(Pt-Co, Hazen):: ≤50
As bactericide, disinfector, crosslinker for protein, leather tanning agent ---- widely used in petroleum exploitation, leather treatment, and electronic industry.
Package & Storage
Package: 220Kg UN Standard plastic drum or 1100Kg IBC packing. Storage: Store in dry, dark and ventilated place.
Detail Description
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