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MOQ: 50.00KG
Other Name: Allitridi
Category: Herbal Extracts, Natural Plant Flavors, Flavour Enhancers
Origin: China



Garlic oil faint yellow to orange red liquid, with garlic-specific spicy smell
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General Product
Basic Description
Garlic oil is extracted from the garlic. It's a special and the most important substance in garlic. This essential oil contains very important active sulfide. It is good for general health and cardiovascular health.
Main Property
In the medical field, allicin can be used for the treatment of infectious diseases, digestive diseases, oral diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and has the effect on anti-aging, anti-metal poisoning, anti-cancer and so on. In the cultivation field, allicin has the effect on food calling for animal and the sterilization, antioxidant in vivo. It enhances the animal immune function. It is a very good feed additives. In the planing field, allicin can be used for the control of crop pests and nematodes.
Package & Storage
IN 200kg drums / as customer's need; In Room Temperature
Detail Description
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