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MOQ: 1.00MT
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Category: Acidity Regulators, Bulking Agents
Origin: Shandong, China



Fumaric Acid White fine powder or colourless crystals
110-17-8 2917190090
C4H4O4 116 0.63 g/100 mL (25 ºC) in water
355.5 ℃ 295 ℃ 230 ℃
General Product
Basic Description
The product is white fine powder or colourless crystals. It is Stable at room temperature and decomposes at around 230 ℃, slightly soluble in water.
Main Property
It is an important organic chemical material. It has wide applications in polyester resin, coatings, plasticizer, pharmaceutical, biological engineering, foodstuff additive, foodstuff industry and so on.
Package & Storage
25kg/ bag; store in dry and cold environment.
Detail Description
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