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Calcium  Nitrate Calcium  Nitrate Calcium  Nitrate
Calcium  Nitrate
Calcium  Nitrate
Calcium  Nitrate

Calcium Nitrate

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FOB Price: $ 210.00/MT
MOQ: 25.00 MT
Other Name: nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer
Origin: China
Brand: DX

Product Details

  • Item Name: Calcium Nitrate
  • Other Name: nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer
  • Appearance: Colorless ,transparent crystal,soluble in water
  • CAS NO.: 15245-12-2
  • MF: Ca(NO3)2 · 4H2O
  • Formula Weight: 164.09
  • Melting Point: 561ºC
  • Hs Code: 2916190090
  • UN No.: UN1454
  • EINECS No.: 233-332-1
  • Type: GENERAL


In agriculture,It is containing nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer,calcium is widely used in vegetables,fruits,crops and cash crops in open field,is also a production of foliar fertilizer,salt fertilization,the main raw material of drip irrigation and other water soluble fertilizer .In industry,mainly used for antifreeze,iron and steel industry phosphating agent ,also used in manufacture of fireworks and othernitrates.

Package & Storage

Packing is 25/50/1000KG PP-Plastic compound bags or according to customer's request.(It usually comes in packages of 25 KG )

Basic Description

It is rich in calcium ions. Continuous application will not deteriorate the physical properties of soil, but also improve the physical properties of soil.It is widely used in all kinds of soils, especially in acidic soils without calcium. The application of calcium nitrate in agriculture is beneficial to coordinate the absorption of nutrient elements, enhance the stress resistance of fruits and vegetables, promote precocity and improve the quality of fruits and vegetables. Application method and dosage: basic, topdressing, irrigation, drip irrigation and foliar spraying.

Detail Description