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DL-Malic acid DL-Malic acid DL-Malic acid
DL-Malic acid
DL-Malic acid
DL-Malic acid

DL-Malic acid

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MOQ: 1.00 MT
Other Name: DL-Hydroxysuccinic acid; DL-Apple acid
Origin: Anhui, China

Product Details

  • Item Name: DL-Malic acid
  • Other Name: DL-Hydroxysuccinic acid; DL-Apple acid
  • Appearance: White crystallized powder
  • CAS NO.: 617-48-1
  • MF: C4H6O5
  • Formula Weight: 134
  • E No.: E296
  • Type: GENERAL


Used as an acidulant in cool drinks (including lactobacillus drinks, milk drinks, carbonated drinks, cola), frozen foods (including sherbet and ice cream),processed foods (including wine and mayonnaise). It is used as color-keeper and antiseptic of juice.

Package & Storage

Package: 25kg/bag Storage: Kept air tightly in a light-proof, dry and cool place.

Basic Description

DL-Malic acid is white crystallized powder. It has higher acidity (20 percent higher), lower quantity of heat, softer taste, higher buffering factor and more lasting time; however, it is not so corrosive as citric acid that leads to series enamel wear, and it is harmless to mouth cavity and teeth. As a new generation of food acidity regulator, DL-malic acid is known as“best food acidity regulator”in biological and nutritional fields. It is widely used in foods such as wines, beverages, fruit juices and chewing gums. It is not only the third food acidity regulator coming after citric acid and lactic acid, but also one of the biggest and most promising organic acids in food industry across the current world.

Trade Information

  • Supply Ability: 2000.00MT/Month
  • Delivery Time:
  • Shipping Port: AnyPort
  • Payment Term: T/T ,L/C ,O/A ,D/P ,D/A

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