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Diethyl methyl benzene diamine—DETDA   
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Other Name: diethyltoluenediamine; diethylmethylbenzenediamine; detda
Category: Curing Agents
Origin: Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, China




Diethyl methyl benzene diamine—DETDA Light yellow transparent liquid
diethyltoluenediamine; diethylmethylbenzenediamine; detda
68479-98-1 270-877-4 292159090
C11H18N2 178
310? ? 140?
Dangerous Cargo UN No.:3082
Basic Description
Diethyltoluenediamine (DETDA) is a light yellow transparent liquid. It is a very effective chain extender of polyurethane elastomer, in particular for RIM (reaction injection molding) and SPUA (Spray Polyurea Elastomer). Moreover, it can also be used as curing agent of polyurethane and epoxy resin, antioxidant of epoxy resin, industrial oil and lubricants. In addition, it can also serve as intermediates in organic synthesis
Main Property
DETDA is a sterically hindered aromatic diamine, and the steric hindrance of ethyl and methyl groups makes it much less reactive than toluene diamine (TDA). It reacts with polyurethane prepolymer faster than DMTDA several times faster than MOCA about 30 times faster. Mainly used in RIM polyurethane system and spray polyurethane (urea) elastomer coating system, with fast response, demold time is short, the initial high strength, product hydrolysis resistance, heat and so on. In addition the product can also be used as an elastomer for reaction injection molding polyurethane chain extenders, polyurethane coatings, epoxy resin, alkyd curing agent. Lubricants and pesticides, dyes intermediates, plastics, rubber, oil antioxidant, and chemical synthesis intermediates.
Package & Storage
Package: Net weight 200kg/galvanized iron bucket. Storage: Store in dry, cool, dark and ventilated place.
Detail Description
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