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Dibasic esters(DBE) Dibasic esters(DBE) Dibasic esters(DBE)
Dibasic esters(DBE)
Dibasic esters(DBE)
Dibasic esters(DBE)

Dibasic esters(DBE)

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MOQ: 5.00 MT
Other Name: dibasic esters (DBE)
Origin: China

Product Details

  • Item Name: Dibasic esters(DBE)
  • Other Name: dibasic esters (DBE)
  • Appearance: transported as normal liquid
  • CAS NO.: 95481-62-2
  • Type: GENERAL


It is an environmentally sound solvent for coatings, and is mainly used as high boiling solvent for coating industry. It can take the place of isophorone, glycol ether, cyclohexanone etc. It is suitable for baking-type synthetic resin paint and high-temperature fast drying coil coatings, board coatings, auto coatings etc.

Package & Storage

200L galvanized iron drum, net wt. 220kgs/drum;

Basic Description

High boiling point solvent - Dimethyl mixed dibasic esters (DBE) Main compositions: Dimethyl succinate, dimethyl glutarate, dimethyl adipate. It is non-toxic, colorless transparent liquid with light ester aroma.

Detail Description

1. Wide boiling and distilling range.
2. Slow evaporation in normal temperature, but evaporations will speed up as temperature rise.
3. Excellent levelling property, can improve lustrousness, improve hiding powder of pigments, increase flexibility of paint film.
4. Miscible with most organic solvents.
5. Excellent stability, won't be oxidized and decomposed in normal conditions.
6. Has high flash point and low vapor tension, safe use.

Ester content/%≥99.0
Methanol content/%≤0.2
Acid number/≤0.3
Distillation range/¡æ196¡«230

Trade Information

  • Supply Ability: 1000.00MT/Month
  • Delivery Time:
  • Shipping Port: QINGDAO,CHINA
  • Payment Term: T/T

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    Dibasic esters(DBE)