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MOQ: 50.00KG
Other Name: Hexahydroaniline
Category: Antioxidants, Enhanced Oil Recovery Chemicals
Origin: Shanghai, China
Brand: HUIAN




cyclohexylamine(CHA) Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid, without visible impurity
108-91-8 203-629-0
C6H13 N 99
134.5? -17.7? 32.2?
General Product
Basic Description
Cyclohexylamine is a kind of transparent and colorless liquid with a strong fishy taste and ammonia-like smelling. It is flammable with a relative molecular mass being 99.18, the relative density being 0.8191, the melting point being -17.7 ℃, boiling point being 134.5 ℃
Main Property
1、It can be used for preparation of cyclohexanol, caprolactam, acetate fiber, nylon 6 etc . 2. It can be used for the preparation of rubber antioxidant、cure accelerator、plastic and textile chemical additives, metal inhibitors, emulsifier, antiseptic, anstatic agent, latex coagulant, petroleum additive, pesticide and dye intermediates. 3. It can be used for boiler feed water PH conditioning agent, boiler feed-water compound, corrosion inhibitor, organic synthesis intermediates.
Package & Storage
Package: Sealing drums, net weight 170GS, ISO Net weight 19 tons TANK, bulk water tank net weight 25 tons ; storage: Store in dry, dark and ventilated place.
Detail Description
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