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Camphene (First Grade) Camphene (First Grade) Camphene (First Grade)
Camphene (First Grade)
Camphene (First Grade)
Camphene (First Grade)

Camphene (First Grade)

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MOQ: 1.00 MT
Other Name: 3, 3-Dimethyl-2-methylenenorcamphane
Origin: Fujian, China

Product Details

  • Item Name: Camphene (First Grade)
  • Other Name: 3, 3-Dimethyl-2-methylenenorcamphane
  • Appearance: White semi-translucent wax-like solid
  • CAS NO.: 79-92-5
  • MF: C10H16
  • Formula Weight: 136
  • Boiling Point: 158.00℃
  • Melting Point: 51.00℃
  • Flash Point: 34.90℃
  • UN No.: 9011
  • EINECS No.: 201-234-8
  • Type: GENERAL


Daily Flavor, Food Flavor, Industrial Flavor.

Package & Storage

Package: 170kg Iorn Drum Storage: Store in dry, dark and ventilated place.

Basic Description

Camphene is a bicyclic monoterpene. It is nearly insoluble in water, but very soluble in common organic solvents. It volatilizes readily at room temperature and has a pungent smell. It is a minor constituent of many essential oils such as turpentine, cypress oil, camphor oil, citronella oil, neroli, ginger oil, and valerian. It is produced industrially by catalytic isomerization of the more common alpha-pinene. Camphene is used in the preparation of fragrances and as a food additive for flavoring.

Trade Information

  • Supply Ability: 2000.00MT/Month
  • Delivery Time:
  • Shipping Port: AnyPort
  • Payment Term: T/T ,L/C ,O/A ,D/P ,D/A

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    Camphene (First Grade)