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Butylated melamine-formaldehyde resin   
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MOQ: 16.00MT
Other Name: Butylated amino resin,Amino resin,MF,Melamine formaldehyde resin
Category: Amino Resins
Origin: Chuzhou, Anhui, China




Butylated melamine-formaldehyde resin Colorless transparent viscous liquid
Butylated amino resin,Amino resin,MF,Melamine formaldehyde resin
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General Product
Basic Description
This resin is a partially butylated melamine-formaldehyde resin with a medium level of butylation, a medium methylol content, a medium viscosity. It has been designed for a very fast cure, minimum shrinkage, wood furniture and plywood baking, air drying aminoalkyd enamels for good gloss, excellent hardness and corrosion resistance properties. Get a property adventage both urea and melanine.
Main Property
Wood furniture and plywood baking enamels. Air drying amino-alkyd enamels. Acid curing lacquer and baking enamels.
Package & Storage
Package: 220L/drum Storage: Sealed in a dry and ventilated environment.
Detail Description

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