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Aronia extract powder  anthocyanin 25%
Aronia extract powder  anthocyanin 25%

Aronia extract powder anthocyanin 25%

Aronia extract powder  anthocyanin 25% Credit Loan Support >>

FOB Price: $ 307.00/KG
MOQ: 1.00 KG
Other Name: Aronia Melanocarpa Extract
Origin: China
Brand: H&Y

Product Details

  • Item Name: Aronia extract powder anthocyanin 25%
  • Other Name: Aronia Melanocarpa Extract
  • Appearance: red purple fine powder
  • CAS NO.: 27200-12-0
  • Type: GENERAL


Application Aronia chokeberry Extract contains very high levels of anthocyanins (source of red color) and flavonoids. Levels of anthocyanins and flavonoids are over five times greater than those found in cranberries. Aronia also has been reported to contain antioxidants, polyphenols, minerals and vitamins. It has been alleged that some of these chemicals specifically reduce the potential for cancer and heart disease. (1) Pharmaceutical chemical raw materials and dietary supplement ingredients, (2) Pesticides and plant growth regulator materials, (3) Veterinary API and feed additives raw materials

Package & Storage

Packaging Details:Bags or boxes of 25kg Delivery Time:3-5 working days

Basic Description

ISO Certificated 100% Natural Aronia Melanocarpa Extract Powder,20-60% anthocyanidin,Aronia Chokeberry Extract

Detail Description

Specification of aronia fruit extract anthocyanin 25% powder

Product Name:Wild cherry extract, aronia berry extract

Part used:Fruit

Active Ingredients:aronia fruit extract anthocyanin ,Wild cherry anthocyanin

Specification:17%  anthocyanin aronia fruit extract

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What is aronia fruit extract anthocyanin25% powder?


Wild cherry ,aronia fruit extract anthocyanin soure from Wild cherry ,Aronia which is a deciduous shrub, rose family, native to eastern North America wet woods and marsh.Wild cherry is cultivated for ornamental plants and food,

fruit can be eaten raw, and can also be made in wine, jam, syrup, juice, tea, salad, beer, ice cream.

Wild cherry ,Aronia extract  rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other important polyphenols,

Aronia fruit extract anthocyanin have the effect of fighting cancer cells.This wild berry grows in the marshes of eastern 

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    Aronia extract powder  anthocyanin 25%