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Other Name: Neutral ammonium fluoride
Category: Additives
Origin: Fujian, China
Brand: FUBAO




Ammonium Fluoride colorless phyllodes or needle-like crystals
Neutral ammonium fluoride
12125-01-8 2826191090
NH4F 37
115? 98? ?
Dangerous Cargo UN No.:2505
Basic Description
Ammonium fluoride is the inorganic compound with the formula NH4F. It crystallizes as small colourless prisms, having a sharp saline taste, and is exceedingly soluble in water. The acid salt is usually used in preference to the neutral salt in the etching of glass and related silicates. This property is shared among all soluble fluorides. For this reason it cannot be handled in glass test tubes or apparatus during laboratory work. It is also used for preserving wood, as a mothproofing agent, in printing and dying textiles, and as an antiseptic in breweries
Main Property
Used in chemical analysis, in brewing, and as a preservative for wood.
Package & Storage
25 kg/bag; Store in dry, dark and ventilated place.
Detail Description
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